We did not reinvent the wheel, just the wheelbarrow
How experience brought about the idea of the Bucketbarrow
     Toney Higbe developed the Bucketbarrow after spending 25 years in the construction business.  He owns a stucco company and figured out that he could reduce labor, lessen the strain on his workers body and hands, speed up the clean up time, and have a stable product to carry buckets by creating a wheelbarrow-like tool that would do just that. 
     He also devised the Cement Wedge to work in conjunction with the Bucketbarrow in order to unload cement or mortar directly into the buckets that his masons use. 
     The Bucketbarrow works on the job site, on the farm, with lawn and gardens and more.  Take a moment and watch the very short videos on our gallery page.  It does not take but a minute to realize the ingenuity behind the Bucketbarrow. 

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